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Dec 17 10

All of the Puppies have Found New Homes

by John

All of the puppies have found new homes!  Thank you to everyone who welcomed a puppy into their home.  We hope you have years of joy with them.  If you’d like to keep us up-to-date on your puppy feel free to use the contact form to contact me.

Nov 30 10

Homeward Bound

by John

Many of the puppies are off to new homes, but we still have a few that are looking for a new family.  If you’re interested in adding an intelligent, loving, and loyal companion to your family you should consider a Spinone Italiano puppy.  We’ve added a lot more information about the Spinone Italiano breed on the All About Spinone Italiano page to help you decide if a Spinone Italiano puppy is right for you.  Visit the Contact Us page and fill out the form or give us a call if you are interested in a Spinone puppy.

Nov 20 10

Ready for New Homes

by John

The puppies are ready for new homes!  If you are interested in welcoming a puppy into your home, visit the Contact Us page and fill out the form or give me a call.

Nov 7 10

Puppy Update

by John

Caniya’s puppies are 7 weeks old and nearly ready to go to new homes.  If you are interested in welcoming a puppy to your family please visit the “Contact Us” page and either call or fill out the form.  To see pictures of the puppies, check out the “Puppy Page” where you will find the most up-to-date pictures of all the puppies.

Spinoni are energetic and among the most intelligent of all breeds of dog.  The Spinone Italiano can act as both as an outstanding field dog and a loving and devoted family member.  Most Spinoni Italiano show dogs are dad’s hunting partner one weekend and mom and the kid’s show dog the next.  Learn more about the Spinoni Italiano breed by visiting the “All About Spinone Italiano” page.

Oct 9 10

Caniya’s Family

by John

The Nelson family lives in South Central Nebraska 160 miles west of Omaha.

John and Miles drove to the DiMoreghengo Kennel owned and operated by Gudio Malandruccolo in McGregor, Ontario, Canada in August 2006. We spent the day with Guido and Margaret. It was a pleasure to watch Gudio’s Spinoni work the fields hunting for birds. We played with Sheyna’s (Westminster Best of Breed 2003) pups and listened to Guido talk about his experiences with the Spinoni Italiano. A the end of our day we made the decision to take home to Nebraska a white and orange bitch puppy that we named Caniya.

John met his first Spinoni in 1973 in York, Nebraska. A neighbor of John’s liked to hunt and fish and he had imported a Spinoni from Italy. Most likely that Spinoni was the first to live in Nebraska.  As John learned more about this rare dog he knew that some day he would have a Spinoni Italiano. Over thirty years later Caniya became a part of the Nelson family.  Caniya has been a happy Spinoni both in the show ring and in the field. She has not yet completed her AKC Champion title, but has the AKC Junior Hunter title which she completed in four tests in September 2009.

John met the Miller family at a dog show in the fall of 2006. That meeting was the beginning of friendship fostered by the Spinoni breed. The Millers are the owners and breeders of GR CH Bela’s Presto Change-O and other Spinoni champions.  Presto was a natural choice for the sire of  Caniya’s first litter. Presto has DiMoreghengo breeding in his pedigree, so Spinoni Italiano breeding from the DiMorehengo Kennel continues to produce puppies from champion bloodlines bred for versatile hunting, show, and family.  Caniya has been an excellent mother and her puppies have been well loved and cared for by the Nelson family.

Our wish is that each pup whether they be for show, hunting, or pet will a special part of your family.

The Nelsons